The Representation of Ottomans in Casanova’s ‘The Story of My Life’

casanova“I am writing ‘My Life’ to laugh at myself, and I am succeeding,” writes Giacomo Casanova on January 10, 1791 (Pizzamiglio, 2005, p. ix). Born on April 2, 1725, Casanova sets of on a life of learning, travel, intrigue, seduction and all-round adventure. At the age of sixty-four, suffering from deep melancholy, his doctor advises him to start writing his memoirs as a remedy for his black bile (p. xv) and so he does, until his death in 1798. The result is the impressing The Story of My Life, shocking and fascinating many readers with its countless episodes on love and seduction of women, but more importantly opening an authentic window into the world of eighteenth century European social life.  Lees verder